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Many years ago, I discovered the Mr. Sandless Wood Floor Refinishing System. A decade before that, I had invented a way to strip and refinish hard surfaces without damaging them or removing any color. That system was then tried on a wood floor with great results and lead to Mr. Sandless, which has grown to become the largest wood floor refinisher in the world! Mr. Sandless has been featured on HGTV’s Rip+Renew show 4 times, and has high profile clients such as The Smithsonian in Washington DC and Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia and has served literally tens of thousands of customers worldwide!

HGTV Rip and Renew
HGTV Rip and Renew 2

An example of the Mr. Sandless Wood Floor Refinishing Service


Several months after I had refinished my first wood floor with the Mr. Sandless System, I decided to try my solution on my deck. Every single year since have owned my home, I have had to re-stain my deck, steps, spindles and handrail. It really was a tedious duty, and unfortunately for me had become the “rite of Spring” at my house! That year, I decided to try and see if I could get an extra year out of the staining, by sealing it with my own brand of sealer. That was 8 years ago. The color stayed in the deck and all the wood for nearly 5 years! That is when I knew I had to bring this service, an outdoor version of the Mr. Sandless service to the world!

My name is Dan Praz and I am proud to bring you my latest home service,
Dr. DecknFence.

Deck Before
Deck After

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