Prepare the surface to be serviced.


Apply our specialized “Dr. DecknFence Cleaner”

Prepare surface 1
Prepare Surface 2
Prepare Surface 3


Detergent wash the surface

Wash Surface


Apply our “Green” Dr. DecknFence Brightener

Brightener 1
Brightener 2
Brightener 3


Power wash the surface

Power Wash 1
Power Wash 2
Power Wash 3


Allow surface to dry

Allow to dry


Lay protection surrounding the surface area

Lay Protection Down


Apply our proprietary Dr DecknFence Stain Sealer combination

Apply Stain
Apply Stain 2
Apply Stain 3


Allow to dry. Cures in just one hour and you can walk right on it!

Allow to dry


Before and After our service!





As you can see in the photos before, our preparation process is like no other,
and you can expect immediate and dramatic results.

Prep 1
Prep 2
Prep 3


Carpentry Available!

Have an outdoor wood issue? We can fix it! Boards, pickets, shingles,
spindles replaced, stained and finished!

*Some services are not offered at every location. Contact your local dealer for more information.

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